Natural Capital Committee publishes 5th Report

Wednesday 21st February 2018 in

The Natural Capital Committee has published its 5th Report, setting out its activities for 2018. The Committee asserts its position as integral to the implementation of HM Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan. In the report it says that “In 2018 the Pioneer Projects should move from their initial start up phase to become an integral part of delivering the Plan.”

The four Pioneer Projects, relating to five locations in England, are intended to explore the challenges and opportunities raised in implementing a “natural capital approach” in practice.

Here at RAC we look forward to sharing what is being learned from the pioneers, as well as the wide array of local initiatives throughout the UK that are illustrating what it means to manage the environment as an asset with benefits for everyone.

Investment is mentioned multiple times in the report. The Ecosystems Knowledge Network’s upcoming Natural Capital Investment Conference explores in depth what this means in practice in the UK.

The latest Natural Capital Committee report is available here